Bella Viva Open House & Hughson Christmas Festival

Save the date! We’re excited to invite everyone to come visit, Saturday, December 2nd, and join us for our annual Holiday Open House and the Hughson Christmas Festival. We welcome you to enjoy complimentary coffee, hot apple cider, and free samples of our 2017 harvest. There will also be a 15% off sale on everything

Walnuts: Did you know?

California Red and “Brown” Walnuts – A Brief History: According to UC Davis, San Diego County was the first county in California to plant a walnut orchard and, by the 1940s, acreage had made its way north to the central valley. Today, more than half of California’s walnut acreage is based in San Joaquin, Stanislaus,

Farmer Spotlight: Bella Viva Walnuts

As the weather starts to cool off and the days become shorter, the walnut harvesting season starts to wrap up as well. The season usually begins in early October and lasts a few weeks. This time is extremely vital for the farmers and landowners to get all the harvesting finished in order to ensure great

In the Kitchen: Prunes

Walnut Pastila with Bella Viva Prunes: With the holidays quickly approaching, you can never have too many recipes on hand. Sure, prunes are excellent all their own, but throw them into a dish and you’ve taken cooking to a whole new flavor level. The following recipe is for two scrumptious walnut pastila but beware, you

Prunes vs. Plums:

Differences and History: One question commonly asked is “aren’t dried plums called prunes?” The answer to that is yes and no; all prunes were plums but not all dried plums are prunes. That might seem confusing at first, but some of the main differences to distinguish between a plum and a prune are through their

Prunes: Did you know?

Health Facts: Perhaps those who have overeaten them is what has given prunes a false bad reputation. However, if you push that prejudgment aside, you might be surprised to find out they’re actually super yummy and good for you. Plump and tender, prunes are a good source of terrific nutrients including calcium and Vitamin C.

Farmer Spotlight: California Prunes

As Autumn approaches, so does plum harvesting season and, for Bella Viva, pleasing plums mean pleasant prunes. The season only lasts around 30 days total and it’s vital to get the fruit picked before they over-ripen and start falling on the ground – especially before fall and winter rains – yet still right when they’re

In the Kitchen: Almond Flour

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almond Flour: Another great thing about almonds is that they are able to be used in so many different ways. Almond flour and almond meal are made when the almonds are finely ground into powders; the flour consisting only the insides of the blanched meats and the meal consisting of the

Almonds: Did you know?

Health Facts (NUT-rients): Grown on trees in a great number of orchards, the hearty and crunchy almonds are jam-packed with nutritional value including high amounts of good fats and proteins. There are roughly 130 calories per 23 almonds, or one ounce (1)(2). While that might sound like a lot, the amount of health benefits you

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Almonds

August and September are extremely busy harvesting months for almond crops. As a result, our growers easily find themselves with little time on their hands outside the orchards. Bella Viva makes a point to build firsthand relationships with our passionate farmers. This way you can rest assured the product you’re receiving has been loved since