Description This recipe gets Judy D.’s family going on cold winter mornings in New York. Thank you for sharing! Ingredients: 1 cup Steel Cut Oatmeal ¼ cup Bella Viva Walnuts ¼ cup Bella Viva Almonds ½ cup Bella Viva Cantaloupe ½ cup Bella Viva Cranberries 4 cups water Dash of salt Instructions Bring water to a boil, add the oatmeal and stir. When oatmeal begins to thicken, lower heat and simmer oatmeal uncovered for approximately 30 minutes. Toast Bella Viva Walnuts and Almonds in the oven at 350°Fahrenheit for 7 minutes. Remove and allow nuts to cool. When oatmeal is finished, add ½ cup