Solar Panels: Green Steps Today for a Better Tomorrow

No matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, chances are you’re doing things differently than before to help make our planet a better place to live. We all want future generations to enjoy clean air, clean water, reliable delivery of electricity, beautiful local and national parks, plentiful and safe food and so much more bad credit loans. You may be thinking more about conserving energy, remembering to pack reusable bags when you go to the store or even shopping for sustainable products (like ours). Whatever you’re doing, chances are you’ve seen a cultural shift toward living and working with sustainability in mind. Let’s all get together and congratulate one another for being part of this positive shift.

As we look beyond our own homes, we also see businesses large and small doing great things to make our earth better. One such business is our local provider of farmland and household water and household electricity: Turlock Irrigation District.

This local utility recently announced that they’re piloting a first-in-the-nation project, called Project Nexus, that will entail placing solar panels over sections of its irrigation canals. These canals move water to farmers such as us, households and businesses in our area. Through Project Nexus, the district will assess changes in water evaporation in the canals and improved water quality due to the added protection. The project is also in place to increase renewable power generation. To learn more about this project and how it proposes to bring about positive changes in our area, click here. You’ll find a published study from University of California, Merced on this site as well. This project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023. Check out Turlock Irrigation District’s website to learn more about their other investments in our environment.

We’re excited about project Nexus and are very much looking forward to learning about its progress after it is completely in place. Because sustainability is so important to us here at Bella Viva Orchards, we think this is a perfect partnership.

We challenge you to turn off that faucet a little more, turn off unused lights more often, support sustainable businesses and do your own thing to help our Earth stay greener longer.