Month: February 2018

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Oranges

Twin Girls Farm Located in the crop-thriving county of Tulare, California is a family farm that grows our delicious organic navel oranges. Ignacio (Nacho) and Casamira (Cassi) Sanchez, owners of Twin Girls Farm, understand how fortunate California is regarding citrus. The vibrant colors and sweet juiciness combined with the lovely aroma of oranges can bring life to an otherwise dreary winter day. This state has the right land and weather to grow perfect citrus and this family has quite the story to tell. Nacho’s father brought his family to California from Mexico when Nacho was just two years old. They worked hard for everything

Citrus: Did you know?

Health Facts: California citrus has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy bursts of flavors that hit our taste buds and refresh our bodies. Not only do oranges taste delicious and smell amazing, they’re incredibly healthy for us as well. According to multiple studies, like most citrus, both lemons and oranges are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for many reasons including acting as an antioxidant, producing collagen and healing wounds (01). It may also strengthen our immune system—which is ironic because the California citrus season seems to come into play as the common cold season seems to arrive (02). Lack of

Citrus Greening Disease: Huanglongbing

What is Huanglongbing? There’s a bad pest that has been brutally attacking citrus around the globe and has the potential to devastate the California citrus industry. Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as citrus greening disease, is a disease caused by an Asian citrus psyllid. This type of insect specifically feeds off citrus leaves and stems, infecting the tree with its bacteria from the inside out (01a). Though HLB can spread to nearby healthy citrus trees, it can also spread through the transportation of citrus plants and fruits in the region (02). However, once a tree is exposed to HLB, it is forever affected and will