Month: September 2019

Peerless Pears: A Summer Swan Song!

Think of sweet summer days growing shorter as fall arrives. We hope when you do, thoughts of sweet and shapely Pears come to mind, ‘cause now’s the time to enjoy these golden fruits that we harvest at the end of summer. Pears can be simple or fancy, enjoyed as is or used in your favorite recipes. So tear open that bag of Bella Viva Orchards’ plump Pears and read on as you feed your palate and your body in a most wonderful way!   Because Pears have a good amount of dietary fiber in each serving, they’re your friend when it comes to digestive health,

A Penchant for Prunes: Fall Beauties Are Ready!

We can’t help but boast a bit: Our Prunes are spectacular. We grow, harvest and dry them ourselves right here at Bella Viva Orchards. Now, if your grandmother made you eat Prunes as a kid, maybe it’s time to rethink them. They are worthy, for sure! You can incorporate Prunes into your diet any time of the day, from fruity and sweet breakfasts to lunchbox companions to savory dinner entrees. And yes, they make a prime midday snack that’s filled with good nutrition and help keep you full ‘til dinnertime. Besides being great for intestinal health – thanks for making that clear, Grandmother –

Awesome Almonds: Nut Nirvana Is Here!

In Central California, it’s Almond harvest time. All around us, branches on the trees are heavily weighed down in the best of ways. It means that goodness it on its way! And goodness in oh so many ways! Almonds offer a lot to snackmeisters and super-athletes alike. Beyond their irresistible fun crunchy noshability, they rock so many recipes and are as nutritious as all getout.  A big plus: We shell all of our Almonds for your convenience! Almonds are packed with virtue! You know that, but let’s get more specific. They’re naturally gluten-free and cholesterol-free and are a very good source of fiber, vitamin