Month: January 2022

Organic Walnuts: Your Wholesome Wondernut

February has arrived and as we walk through our orchards we appreciate the buds that are beginning to form on the trees. The days are still cool, but they’re becoming a little longer and brighter. Our thoughts turn toward those we care about – Valentine’s Day is on its way after all. So how would express our care for those in our hearts? Enter the Certified Organic Walnut. Think about it: Many of us tend to focus on a healthier lifestyle after the holidays and we just spent January doing just that, right? And we want our loved ones to be healthy, yes? So

Organic Prunes: Grown with Love

Over time, we’ve celebrated our love for Prunes with you. We simply swoon over our Certified Organic Prunes and if you’ve had them, you know why. They’re amazingly large, sweet and plump and it’s hard to believe they’re organic! Not to slight our other Prunes, though, ‘cause they’re all second to none, if we may say so ourselves. You may recall from our September newsletter that we earned our designation as Certified Organic on our Prunes that we’ve grown in estate orchards that have been in our family for over 75 years. These dark and wrinkly jewels have won our hearts over. It took

Almonds: The Nut in Shining Armor

If you live ‘round here you know. If you’ve driven through the area you know. If you’ve read a little on California agriculture you know. Yes, we know you know: It’s about Almonds! Almonds have held their place toward the top of the Golden State’s top 10 agricultural commodities list year after year, and it just seems to continue growing. We’ve talked about Almonds before and we will talk about them again because they’re such a huge part of life around here. Thanks to our ideal growing climate and soil conditions, these nuts have reigned supreme in the world market. Besides being so mighty

Sunshine in Every Bite: Organic Orange Chips

There’s a lot to love about winter. Cool days, puffy jackets and anticipation of a happy year ahead. We get pretty excited this time of year – and we trust you do, too – knowing that winter also means we’re in for big, bright, sweet Organic Oranges! Thanks to our nearby grower-partners for caring for these orchards and thanks to Mother Nature for a warm growing season followed by much-welcome rain and snowpack at the end of the year, we’re seeing a very nice crop of Organic Oranges. California-grown Certified Organic Orange Chips are filled with sunshine in every bite. If you’ve had ‘em