Organic Prunes: Grown with Love

Over time, we’ve celebrated our love for Prunes with you. We simply swoon over our Certified Organic Prunes and if you’ve had them, you know why. They’re amazingly large, sweet and plump and it’s hard to believe they’re organic! Not to slight our other Prunes, though, ‘cause they’re all second to none, if we may say so ourselves. You may recall from our September newsletter that we earned our designation as Certified Organic on our Prunes that we’ve grown in estate orchards that have been in our family for over 75 years. These dark and wrinkly jewels have won our hearts over. It took many years of dedication and painstaking care to earn this certification and we are thrilled to offer them to you. Займ онлайн на карту.

Prunes, as you know, have been the subject of kids’ chuckles but thankfully we have all outgrown the need to make fun of them. Right!? We won’t judge you, but if you still feel tempted to mock this regal fruit, how ‘bout thinking of them as dried Plums? Now doesn’t that sound almost poetic? Okay, ‘nough said.

We’ll bet your taste buds adore them. And they rightfully should. And your intellectual side should, too. Just go to your favorite search engine and you’ll find countless articles on the health benefits of Prunes, from natural food websites to medically-based sites such as this one or this one. No matter what your information-finding preferences are, you’ll read that a great majority of these sites say yes on eating Prunes. We heartily agree!

You can easily enjoy them on their own, and you should. But if you want to get in the kitchen with them, try poaching them alone or with other Dried Fruits such as our Dried Apricots and Dried Cherries in a compote that’s as at home at the breakfast table or after dinner as a healthier dessert. Or make your Valentine’s heart sing when you make a sublime dinner with our Savory Prune Chicken recipe. No matter how you choose to enjoy them, your body and mind will thank you.

Once you’ve tried our Certified Organic Dried Pitted Prunes we’re sure you’ll be a regular customer. So take advantage of this month’s web special and treat your loved ones while you’re at it. Right now, we’re offering our Certified Organic Dried Pitted Prunes at just $6.99 per one-pound bag. We usually offer them for $13.49 per pound, so you’re getting a nice break.

For that deep discount we hope you’ll indulge us for a moment. We believe in offering you the best quality possible. This entails employing talented and experienced people to tend to our orchards, harvest our fruits and dry these fruits. Our office is our orchards and we are out there ourselves every day, year-around. It’s these people and many more behind the scenes who make it possible to offer Dried Fruits and Nuts that we can be proud of. To us it’s important that you have the best experience possible, not the cheapest. We are truly happy when we have great harvests and can offer you better than usual deals. It’s because we value you and appreciate that you keep coming back for more that we constantly look at how we can bring you the best products at the fairest price possible. That’s it for now. Thanks for letting us expound for a moment. We appreciate you! So eat up on those glorious Certified Organic Pitted Prunes and lavish your Valentines with their healthful goodness. Happy February, friends!