Certified Organic Mangoes: A Vacay in your Mouth!

It’s not a surprise. Summer can be hot. So grab a lounge chair and park it in the shade. Pour a nice cold beverage and get a bag of Bella Viva Orchards Certified Organic Dried Mangoes out of your pantry. This, fellow fruit lovers, is what summer’s all about! Yes, you’re about to embark on a tropical vacation. In your mouth.

If you haven’t hopped on a plane to a place where the Mango and palm trees are swaying in the warm breeze, you can save time and money by enjoying that vacation in the comfort of your own home. And this, our flip-flop friends, is where our Certified Organic Dried Mangoes come in.

These fruits, from our trusted Mango partner, have a beautiful orangey-pink flesh, a tropical sweetness and a pleasantly chewy texture. They’re naturally fat-free and GMO-free with no added sugar. If you want to go beyond enjoying them just ‘cause they’re fun, tasty and vacation-worthy, just check out what these guys have to say. We could really geek out, but as a summer break, we’re going easy on you!

It’s easy to enjoy them. If you can find a way to open the bag, you’re home free! If you get out of that lounge chair and into your kitchen, give ‘em a try in our recipe for Mango-Pineapple Energy Bars or gently poach them with Bella Viva Orchards Dried Pineapple for a tropical fruit compote that can be enjoyed as a breakfast or a dessert treat.

And you’ll want to take off your shades when you find that we’re offering our Certified Organic Dried Mangoes as this month’s web special. You’ll get a sizzling 25 percent price break per one-pound bag this month. That means you’ll enjoy ‘em for just $10.49 per bag. No minimum purchase, no stress, no problems! We say it’s time to kick back and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Save the airfare, invest in marvelous Certified Organic Mangoes and take your taste buds on that vacay!