Adorable Apricots: Time for Sunny Sweetness!

‘Round here, the days are growing longer and warmer and our California Apricots are lovin’ it. This year’s harvest is promising and we know that with just one bite you’ll be dreaming up ways to enjoy ‘em to the max!

Our Dried Apricots are among the fruits to be considered “superfoods.” They’re a good source of potassium, vitamin A and dietary fiber and are a source of iron, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and antioxidants. Experts assert that Apricots contribute to digestive health, muscle function, heart health and healthier blood pressure levels (1).

These sweet and tangy fruits are easy to pack and fun to eat. We know you’ve grabbed a handful as a midday snack. We say that’s great! Now pick your favorites from our Dried Apricot line-up and try them in Dried Apricot pie, scones or biscotti. Or get your international groove on and use ‘em in a Moroccan chicken tagine, Persian chicken and Apricot stew or Turkish-style stuffed Dried Apricots with sweet cheese and pistachios. So many possibilities and so much yum! Check out our Recipe section for tested and approved Dried Apricot recipes, too! Hello Summer and hello Dried Apricots!