Almonds: Did you know?

Bella Viva Roasted Almonds

Health Facts (NUT-rients):

Grown on trees in a great number of orchards, the hearty and crunchy almonds are jam-packed with nutritional value including high amounts of good fats and proteins. There are roughly 130 calories per 23 almonds, or one ounce (1)(2). While that might sound like a lot, the amount of health benefits you can gather from the earthy, bite-sized snack is outstanding, making the calorie count small in comparison. You can also check out what has found in a recent study regarding the link between almond consumption and heart disease. Almonds are even filled with Vitamin E which carries antioxidants (3). A few other nutrients they include are:

  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

As a result, the almond is a magnificent power food!

Growing Almonds – Fun Facts:

  • Each little almond needs about one gallon of water over its lifetime to grow to its full potential (4).
  • There are around 125 trees per acre in a standard almond orchard (5).
  • On average, one tree produces just over 8000 almonds annually (6).
  • None of the crop goes to waste seeing even the almond hulls are used for cattle feed(7).
  • Almond trees need cross-pollination and rely on honey bees to do so (8).
  • Almond pollen is the first natural food source for bees every year (9).
  6. Bella Viva Almond Grower and Partner, Henry Colombo