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Join the Wiser Misers: Caring for our Treasured Water

We talk about water a lot here in the Central Valley. All residents here are consumers and it’s on all of our minds. If you’re a Californian, you may talk about it with your neighbors as you’re watering your front yard, unless you’ve swapped out your water-loving yard for drought-resistant landscaping. You may be altering how you carry out your household tasks to reduce water consumption.займ безработным без отказа. Thank you. Maybe you’ve decided not to wash your car until Mother Nature does so. Yikes. Whatever you’re doing, chances are you’ve adjusted your daily lifestyle at least to some degree to be a better

May Harvest: Blueberries and Cherries Are Here!

This year in the Central Valley, spring quickly turned to summer, then decided to turn back to winter – complete with some cool rain showers – then back to spring. It was a bit of a ride as we went from sweaters to tee shirts and shorts to down vests then getting out those tee shirts again. All the while, the Blueberries patiently waited on their bushes and the Cherries white-knuckled it on their trees as they waited out the unusual weather patterns. Thankfully for Blueberries, they like a little rain, as long as they don’t get waterlogged. What water this season’s light rains

In the Kitchen: Almond Flour Raisin Walnut Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips

In the Kitchen: Almond Flour Raisin Walnut Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips: If you’ve enjoyed other versions of this Martino family favorite you know just how good these super-flavorful gluten-free cookies are! They’re chock-full of Bella Viva Orchards’ Almond Flour, Certified Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins and Walnut Pieces. These cookies are so good that you’ll want to make this recipe over and over again!

Raw Almonds: Adorable and Ancient

Almonds. They’re important globally and locally, but we’d like you to feel their importance in your own life. Check out a mini history lesson and get the scoop on this month’s web specials.

Organic Peaches: Our Estate Jewels

Celebrate the arrival of blossoms on our Certified Organic Peach trees grown in our family’s estate orchard by taking an imaginary Peach journey and enjoying this month’s subscriber special!