Raw Almonds: Adorable and Ancient

Almonds. Seems all you have to do is walk, bike or drive a country mile ‘round here and you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of an orchard filled with them. While many Fruits and Nuts love the soil conditions and climates here in California’s Central Valley, it’s widely known that we are in the middle of the primary Almond growing region in the world. Remember the report that placed Grapes and Raisins as being the top third agricultural commodity in California in 2020? Well that same report placed Almonds in second place. To us, that’s something to be proud of.

If you’ve been reading our newsletters for a while, you’ve likely already picked up some knowledge about the Almond’s roots to ancient civilizations. According to articles such as this one, archaeologists link Almonds back to 8000 BC, especially in the area of Greece. They traveled by caravans through the Mediterranean region and eventually made their way to California in the 1700s when they arrived with Spanish missionaries. Yes, that’s a big time span. They were pretty well traveled by the time they got here! By the beginning of the 21st century, about 500,000 acres of Almonds grew in California and now, there are 1.6 million acres of Almonds in our state! That’s some serious growth! They’re a big part of life around here. For countless reasons they’re a hot topic when farmers meet in local cafés. They’re that important. Yes, they’re important as a global and state commodity, but we’d like you to feel their importance in your own life, no matter where you live.

Now, we don’t want to take you away from imagining how romantic and dramatic the Almond’s journey was from its ancient origins to life in California, but there are also extensive studies on their health benefits, such as this one, that are worth checking out. All of the data and studies aside, they’re just an amazing Nut. Even if you are not into reading scientific studies on their health benefits or where they fit into the world’s economy, you know that they can and should be adored by you.

Almonds are incredibly versatile. Can you imagine a meal where you can’t incorporate Almonds? We know, right!? They have a fun crunch to them, they’re tasty as can be, and they’re a smart choice when you head to the pantry to grab a snack. We want you to join us in showing love for this Nut, so this month, we’re offering you a remarkable 40 percent off any quantity of our Raw Almonds. That comes out to just $5.99 per one-pound bag! And to get you in the mood for Spring holidays, we’re offering 10 percent off any quantity of Jordan Almonds and Lemoncello Almonds. Feel their history, love their place in your life and welcome these deals on Almonds with healthy, open arms, friends!