Month: October 2018

Pecans: A Fall Classic

Fall is underway here in California and as the leaves on the trees turn to yellow and gold, we dream of Pecans. While they are classic stars of pecan pie, these nuts, grown by our neighbor, are also spectacular in a wide variety of other recipes – or enjoyed au natural! As with all of our nuts and fruits, our sweet and crunchy Pecans are GMO-free. They’re high in dietary fiber, which helps fend off hunger and promotes digestive health. Plus, the US FDA has acknowledged the role of Pecans in the reduction of heart disease. Pecans are naturally sodium-free and contain over 19

A Different Kind of Dating Scene: Medjools or Deglet Noors, Anyone?

There are dates. Then there are stress-free dates – these are the ones we’re talking about here! The sunny and warm Palm Desert region of Southern California is home to groves of Date palm trees, which produce candy-like fruits that can be enjoyed just as they are or in desert-inspired sweets, energy bars, salads and even savory dinner entrees. Need an hors d’oeuvre? Make a batch of bacon-wrapped dates for family and friends. Our popular Medjool Dates are sweet, large, plump and pretty. The Medjool’s smaller and softer relative is the Deglet Noor Date. Besides being candy-like, pleasantly chewy Dates have their nutritious virtues.

Apples: A Fall Favorite!

If cooler fall days make you crave Apples you’re in luck, ‘cause we’ve just harvested and dried this year’s crop of Apples and they’re ready to enjoy now! We cut our Apple Rings with care so you get the best quality with each slice. Plus, if you’re a snacker or cook you’ll be excited to try our NEW Natural Diced Tart Apples for a taste of fall in your favorite trail mix, muffins, cereal, salads and many savory dishes. Our Dried Apples are a source of dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin C and are free of GMOs, fat, cholesterol, added sugars and sodium.

In the Kitchen: Date and Pecan Bread

Whip up a loaf of this easy, flavorful bread to enjoy Bella Viva Orchards’ plump Dates and shelled Pecans. This bread makes a great grab-and-go breakfast or a treat with coffee or tea in the afternoon. Make extras and give as gifts to your friends and families to enjoy during the busy holiday season or stash a loaf in your freezer for yourself! Yields: 1 loaf, about 9 to 10 Slices Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 55 – 65 minutes Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes Ingredients: 1 ½ cup Bella Viva Orchards Dried Pitted Dates, coarsely chopped, firmly packed ½ tsp baking