Apples: A Fall Favorite!

If cooler fall days make you crave Apples you’re in luck, ‘cause we’ve just harvested and dried this year’s crop of Apples and they’re ready to enjoy now! We cut our Apple Rings with care so you get the best quality with each slice. Plus, if you’re a snacker or cook you’ll be excited to try our NEW Natural Diced Tart Apples for a taste of fall in your favorite trail mix, muffins, cereal, salads and many savory dishes.

Our Dried Apples are a source of dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin C and are free of GMOs, fat, cholesterol, added sugars and sodium. They’re also a source of pectin, which can benefit the digestive system and regulate cholesterol. When you want a little sweetness with reduced guilt, Dried Apples are your friend!

Our Natural Dried Apples and Organic Dried Apples are free of additives and are easy to eat. Try our favorite Dried Tart Apple Rings for a lightly sweet and slightly tart treat or Dried Honeycrisp Apple Pieces when you want something just a little sweeter and spongier. Don’t want skin? No problem. Prefer organics? Go for our Organic Dried Sweet Apple Rings or Organic Dried Tart Apple Rings.

Go ahead and give your taste buds a fall treat. Order your favorites or try a new kind today!