Pecans: A Fall Classic

Fall is underway here in California and as the leaves on the trees turn to yellow and gold, we dream of Pecans. While they are classic stars of pecan pie, these nuts, grown by our neighbor, are also spectacular in a wide variety of other recipes – or enjoyed au natural!

As with all of our nuts and fruits, our sweet and crunchy Pecans are GMO-free. They’re high in dietary fiber, which helps fend off hunger and promotes digestive health. Plus, the US FDA has acknowledged the role of Pecans in the reduction of heart disease. Pecans are naturally sodium-free and contain over 19 minerals and vitamins, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and vitamins A, B and E.

Now that you’re in the mood for pecans, we make it easy to select your favorites. A plus: All of our pecans are shelled for your convenience. Try our Pecans, Organic Pecans, NEW Pecan Pieces and our NEW Candied Pecans – ready just in time for that holiday candy dish or salad. Yes, you think of Pecans in deserts or in your morning cereal or breakfast breads. Now try them as a crust for salmon or chicken for dinner. Surf the ‘net and you’ll find more ways to add Pecans to your diet than ever before!