A Different Kind of Dating Scene: Medjools or Deglet Noors, Anyone?

There are dates. Then there are stress-free dates – these are the ones we’re talking about here! The sunny and warm Palm Desert region of Southern California is home to groves of Date palm trees, which produce candy-like fruits that can be enjoyed just as they are or in desert-inspired sweets, energy bars, salads and even savory dinner entrees. Need an hors d’oeuvre? Make a batch of bacon-wrapped dates for family and friends.

Our popular Medjool Dates are sweet, large, plump and pretty. The Medjool’s smaller and softer relative is the Deglet Noor Date. Besides being candy-like, pleasantly chewy Dates have their nutritious virtues. They’re a good source of dietary fiber, potassium, copper and manganese and studies show they’re high in antioxidants. The nutrients in dates work together to promote digestive health and can be beneficial in controlling blood sugars. Raw and natural food fans also use Dates as a natural sweetener.

Bella Viva Orchards proudly offers pit-in Dried Medjool Dates and Organic Dried Medjool Dates, and pitted Dried Deglet Noor Dates and Organic Deglet Noor Dates. Order your favorites today and explore the many ways to enjoy Dates, including Palm Desert-inspired Date Milkshakes or Almond-Stuffed Dates for desert!