Sunshine in Every Bite: Organic Orange Chips

There’s a lot to love about winter. Cool days, puffy jackets and anticipation of a happy year ahead. We get pretty excited this time of year – and we trust you do, too – knowing that winter also means we’re in for big, bright, sweet Organic Oranges! Thanks to our nearby grower-partners for caring for these orchards and thanks to Mother Nature for a warm growing season followed by much-welcome rain and snowpack at the end of the year, we’re seeing a very nice crop of Organic Oranges.

California-grown Certified Organic Orange Chips are filled with sunshine in every bite.

If you’ve had ‘em before you know that you can eat the entire chip, rind and all. Yes, they’re a mess-free treat and yes, they’re easy to tuck into your backpack. But double down on the yesses, ‘cause they’re so good for you. We all know that Oranges are packed with vitamin C, so when you think about a dried Orange, imagine how that goodness is concentrated. If you click here, you’ll see what experts have to say about eating the fruit with the rind. Pretty cool, huh? And this article from other experts touts the many health benefits of enjoying Oranges. If you have a few minutes to spare, these are both easy reads and we think they’ll help get your taste buds primed for happy, zippy bites of these amazing citrus fruits! If you want to know how highly esteemed this fruit is elsewhere in the world, you’d be delighted to know that Bella Viva Orchards’ very own Organic Orange Chips are sold in many pharmacies in China. Fun and interesting fact, right?!

January’s Subscriber Exclusive – Organic Dried Orange Chips

Whether or not you’ve enjoyed these treats before, we say now’s the perfect time. Be bold and embrace their sweet and tangy pucker-ability. Snack on ‘em straight out of the bag, elevate your next cup of tea with a disk or two, infuse some in olive oil for a few days and get creative. There are many fun and healthy ways to enjoy this California-grown treat! Seize the moment and take advantage of this month’s web special. Right now, we’re offering Certified Organic Orange Chips for $10.99 per pound. That’s a whopping $7.00 off per pound. We consider that a screaming deal for so much goodness! So pick up as many bags as you like. Turn your friends and family into fans. Spread the Orange sunshine, friends!