Organic Walnuts: Your Wholesome Wondernut

February has arrived and as we walk through our orchards we appreciate the buds that are beginning to form on the trees. The days are still cool, but they’re becoming a little longer and brighter. Our thoughts turn toward those we care about – Valentine’s Day is on its way after all. So how would express our care for those in our hearts? Enter the Certified Organic Walnut.

Think about it: Many of us tend to focus on a healthier lifestyle after the holidays and we just spent January doing just that, right? And we want our loved ones to be healthy, yes? So we say why not stay on that trajectory and blaze into February embracing the nutritious goodness of whole foods, such as the Certified Organic Walnut!? Are you on board? Yay, you! Займы с 18 лет без отказов на карту.

Walnuts lend themselves easily to Valentine’s Day, partly because if you stretch your imagination you can see them as heart-shaped. Or maybe because the pros at the American Heart Association encourage aging adults to add them to their daily diets. We are all aging in a sense, so why wait ‘til later to get going on adding them to our diets?!

For those of you readers who like to get into the nitty gritty of details, you may want to know that Walnuts aren’t actually nuts in a botanical sense. Walnuts are actually edible seeds of a drupe, but most of us simply refer to them as nuts. Easy, peasy. If this talk about drupes has you curious, check out easy-to-read articles such as this one or this one from Wikipedia. These articles may leave you feeling more informed about this seed, uh nut!

Ahhh, we love Walnuts and hope you feel the same way. To share our love for this wondernut, we invite you to take advantage of this month’s web special on Certified Organic Walnuts. We’re offering them for $9.99 per one-pound bag. Buy one bag or many. They make healthful Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweethearts of all ages. They’re usually $16.99 per pound, so this is the ideal time to stock up! And because they’re shelled you’ll have your hands free to give out those hugs.