A Penchant for Prunes: Fall Beauties Are Ready!

We can’t help but boast a bit: Our Prunes are spectacular. We grow, harvest and dry them ourselves right here at Bella Viva Orchards. Now, if your grandmother made you eat Prunes as a kid, maybe it’s time to rethink them. They are worthy, for sure!

You can incorporate Prunes into your diet any time of the day, from fruity and sweet breakfasts to lunchbox companions to savory dinner entrees. And yes, they make a prime midday snack that’s filled with good nutrition and help keep you full ‘til dinnertime. Besides being great for intestinal health – thanks for making that clear, Grandmother – Prunes are a very good source of vitamin A and potassium. They’re also a source of dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, magnesium and a bit of iron and calcium. What this means is, when you eat prunes, you may be helping fend off inflammation, heart disease and some cancers. They can also help you manage your blood sugars and promote healthy bones (1). If it’s been a while, we think it’s time to break into a bag and let these plump fruits back into your life!

Need some help deciding how to add Prunes to your diet? Keep it simple and eat them just as they are. Or go wild and add them to smoothies, green salads or muffins or swap ‘em out for raisins next time you make oatmeal cookies. Want something savory? Try them in this month’s recipe for Savory Prune Chicken. Your taste buds will be blown away!