California-Grown Pecans: Special and Sweet Anytime!

You may associate the Pecan with winter holidays as the stars in pies, and they deserve their honored place at the holiday table. But now that Spring is in full throttle, we say it’s time to consider the year-round merits of this plump and naturally sweet nut. Come on and join us in thinking beyond the pie!

While Pecans have been grown in California for over 100 years, they just started being commercially produced in the mid-1970s in the Clovis area, just over an hour to the south of us. While California Pecan production is modest at this time, many growers have faith that their production will increase in the years to come. Their limited production here makes them something of a special find. We think the Pecans we offer you are special and we’re proud of their outstanding flavor, buttery texture and quality.

We like to think of Pecans as beautiful, fun, snackable, cookable, delicious nuts. But if you want to get technical about ‘em, check out studies, such as this one from the National Institute of Health or articles such as this one from WebMD that tout many health benefits of nut consumption. Now if you’d like a brief, informative read on Pecans in California, check out this article from UC Davis.

Treat your family and friends to Bella Viva Orchards Pecans by making this month’s recipe for Almond Flour Blueberry Pecan Cookies with Cacao Chips or celebrate the joys of this sweet and plump nut by showing them off on your next charcuterie tray, enjoying them as a topper for your hot cereal at breakfast or mixing it up at dinnertime by encrusting chicken or salmon. They’re really very versatile! And yes. Year-round.

To encourage you to add Pecans to your repertoire, throughout this month we’re offering 10 percent off any quantity of our Shelled Pecans, Shelled Organic Pecans or exceptionally bake-ready Pecan Pieces. Try our suggested uses or put your own creative spin on ‘em. We’re sure you’ll find that they’re a great part of your diet any season of the year!