July at Bella Viva Orchards: Keen on those Peaches!

We wish you were here with us right now. As we walk through our Certified Organic Peach orchards on these warm Central California days, we’re enveloped in the aromas of sweet, juicy, beautiful Peaches. It’s heavenly and we consider ourselves beyond lucky to experience this splendor. If you haven’t been in the middle of a Peach orchard on a summer day, we think you should add that experience to your bucket list!

Our Certified Organic Peaches are grown in an estate orchard that’s been in our family since 1987. At Bella Viva Orchards, we grow several varieties of Peaches, with our largest planting being the Angelus. This particular variety – the Angelus – is not very common, so chances are you won’t find it in the grocery store or your local farmers market. You may wonder why we are so keen on this variety. Well, it’s for many reasons. When properly cultivated and picked at just the right time, we think they’re the ultimate Peach when it comes to flavor, aroma, size, sugar and acid balance and showy Peachy-red-blushy color.

This spectacular Peach is grown in a location where we have an ideal climate, soil quality and pure water that flows from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To make those Peaches perfect (in our opinion), we incorporate painstaking practices, such as hand-thinning and hand-pruning our trees. Remember past articles describing what those harvest specialists do? Well, these days you’ll see those highly-skilled people out in our orchards, selecting only the fruits that are at their peak, then coming back in the days to come to continue selecting only the most perfect Peaches. The only equipment you’ll find in these orchards are the tractors that we use to gently move the freshly-harvested cargo out so we can dry them. And about drying, we use a proprietary process that’s been perfected by our family over several decades. No preservatives, no GMOs, no additives. Yes, friends, you’re getting real, pure Certified Organic Peach goodness, here!And yeah, it’s a peak life experience to smell a Peach orchard in the summertime, but since we dry them, you can enjoy them any time you want! Grab a nice handful and snack on ‘em, grace your breakfast table with them, and show them off when you make this month’s easy recipe for Peach Cherry Crisp! Have you noticed that we’re giving you lots of reasons to stock up? As this month’s web special, you can enjoy our Certified Organic Peach Slices at a 25 percent discount! That means you’ll get ‘em for only $12.36 per one-pound bag. And there’s no minimum purchase. Lucky you, right!? And you’re even luckier, ‘cause this month, we’re offering a nice 10 percent discount on the rest of our Peach products. Stock up, dig in and enjoy this summertime treat!