Pairing with our Passionate Pear Provider

Bella Viva Dried Pears

California Pears: The Scully Family

With over 3,000 different varieties of pears worldwide, the choice on which is the most delicious might be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully we’re here at Bella Viva to help you decide! We partner with local growers who we know will provide us with only the best of the deliciousness found through Bosc and Bartlett Pears. Both of these specific pear varieties are full of extreme bursts of flavor pockets throughout their entirety, making them perfect for us to bestow you with handfuls of the hearty and velvety fruit. We supply the options of conventional as well as natural and organic dried pears.

One family of these passionate farmers, packers and suppliers is located in Lake County.The Scully family are farmers that love what they do. They explained why the crisp, chilly nights mixed with the warm days and rich soil found in the area is perfect for the pears to thrive, making them that much more flavorful because it causes the pears to be packed with sugar.

The Scully family has over 500 acres of pear trees, some dating back all the way to the 1880’s. Around 90 percent of that acreage harvests Bartletts and seven percent harvests Bosc pears. It is from these fresh and juicy, ripe two varieties that Bella Viva chooses to dry and sell because of their naturally sweet intensity.

The Scully family enjoys what they do because every year is a clean slate. They see each season as a new opportunity to meet the challenges involved, no matter how tough some of those challenges may be. Thankfully the most recent California drought, which lasted for years on end, didn’t have much of an affect on his crop as a whole. The fires Lake County has recently experienced over the past couple years didn’t necessarily affect the pear orchards themselves either per se, however getting to and from the facilities was difficult at times due to the massive amount of fire personnel. That slowed the entire process down. Yet, despite the natural challenges he come face-to-face with, The Scully family’s passion for what they do never caves. It is because of that dedication which ensures the best pears possible.

So, whether you find yourself buying our golden and moist dried halves, our natural or our organic pears, we can make certain you’ll find yourself craving more of these honey-sweet treats in no time. They’re just that good for you and just that tasty!