Pears, Please! A Bella Viva Favorite

Pop a bite of Bella Viva Orchards beautiful Dried Pears in your mouth and you’ll see why they’re a customer favorite! Grown with love, and hand-harvested, we are drying our pears right now. They’re cut to show off their natural bell shape, making them a beautiful addition to your diet any way you choose to enjoy them!

Besides being so plump and tasty, our California-grown pears have an incredible sweet summer nectar fragrance and a slightly chewy texture. They’re naturally GMO-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free. You’d like knowing that Pears are a good source of vitamins C and K, folate, copper, potassium and dietary fiber, and these sweet treats can help improve digestion and control cholesterol levels, too. They contain just enough natural sugars to be sweet but with less guilt than other snacking options.

We’re sure you’ll love our Organic Dried Pears and Natural Dried Pears, which are sustainably grown and free of preservatives and other additives. They’re as much of a sweet and healthy snack for the kids as a star on your fruit, nut and cheese platter for entertaining family or friends. We have extra healthy options, but offer our sulfured Pears for those looking for a thicker, sweeter treat – they’re like candy, but better for you!

Get creative with your pears! Toss them into a green salad, add them to your overnight oats or create a summer-inspired trail mix.

This month, we’re offering a web special on our Certified Organic Dried Pears, so don’t hold back! Check out all of our varieties of Dried Pears, mixes and gifts. Just go to our Dried Fruit, Organic Dried Fruit and Gift pages for a full list of products and descriptions.