Persimmon Facts

Dried Persimmons - Bella Viva Orchards

Health Facts:

The robust chewiness of the dried persimmon is nothing short of delicious. Add health benefits to the mix and you won’t want to waste another minute without them! Sometimes referred to by its Greek scientific name of “the divine fruit,” (1) persimmons are jam-packed with certain antioxidants which, according to, can help your eyes filter light and can serve as anti-inflammatory agents (2). These amber orange gems are bursting with flavor and just one serving of Bella Viva Orchards’ Dried Persimmons provides 25g of dietary fiber. That’s 24 percent of the USDA recommended daily value!

Fitness World states persimmons also carry both soluble and insoluble fiber (3) which are key to our diets as they both aide in supporting healthy body functions (4). The main difference between the two is that soluble fiber absorbs more water thus, increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut (5). On the other hand, insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation by helping pass food faster through the digestive tract (6). Both soluble and insoluble fiber are necessary for our bodies to function properly. say many people even like making a persimmon tea, claiming it helps remedy acid reflux (7).

Fun Facts:

  • Most commercially-used persimmons in the U.S. are grown in California. (8)
  • American persimmon trees can grow up to a whopping 60 feet in height! (9)
  • It usually takes a persimmon tree 7-10 years to produce its best fruit. (10)
  • Persimmons are berries. (11)