Behold: The Courageous Cranberry!

Brilliant red, sweet and tart. That’s the courageous Cranberry! These beautiful berries, sweetened just enough to round out that puckerfulness, are screaming to be part of your healthy diet. They want you to think of them when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, snacktime and dinner. They especially want you to think of them now that cooler weather and holidays are upon us.

Dried Cranberries are a source of dietary fiber and some calcium, iron and potassium. They’re also GMO-free, fat free and sodium-free. Their claim to fame? Think about antioxidants and bioactive compounds rather than vitamins and minerals. These compounds help promote healthier metabolism, immune system and cardiovascular health. Eating Dried Cranberries can also help stave off chronic diseases, degenerative conditions, high cholesterol and urinary tract infections (1).

Now that you know that they are bravely healthful, go for it! Make ‘em your snack-buddy. Invite ‘em to breakfast, like in scones with our Dried Orange Powder. Or to lunch in a salad with chicken and our Candied Pecans or Walnuts. Invite them to dinner in a savory chicken entrée with our Dried Apple Slices, garlic and rosemary (oh yum). And you can finish off your meal with Cranberry-filled shortbread.

Make your body and taste buds happy with these courageous little Cranberries!