Certified Organic Dried Black Figs: Be on a Mission!

In the mood for a mini history lesson? Great! Okay, students, today’s lesson is on Figs. We promise to keep it short, so stay with us. Figs are among the oldest cultivated fruits in our world’s history. Some say they go back around 11,000 years to Western Asia, making their way throughout the Mediterranean, including Spain. Then, around 1520, some Spaniards thought it would be a good idea to bring them to America. And are we glad they did! The California Mission Fig, named after the missionaries in San Diego, were first planted at their San Diego mission in 1769. They made their way northward to the Fresno area in the late 19th century, where they thrive today as the main Fig growing region in California.

We imagine it was a long, hot journey for these shapely- plump and sweet fruits. It’s likely that way back then, someone was hungry and decided to eat one of the fruits that dried up on that trek. And were they onto something! We think that maybe these missionaries were enjoying Organic Figs well before we all decided that Organics were a good idea.

Enter our Certified Organic Dried Black Figs. These are the California Mission variety – yep, the ones we were just talking about. The California Mission is among the most popular varieties grown in our state, and these come to us from a trusted grower-partner right in our back yard! We like it because of the deep blacky-purply skin color, creamy white and pink interior and amazing sweet aroma and flavor. When dried, you get a pleasantly chewy deeply-colored treat that may remind you of a popular bar cookie from your youth. That is, without the flour, sugar or any of that stuff. But not like that’s all bad, right!?

Whether your taste buds long for California or the Mediterranean, there are countless ways to enjoy this naturally sweet fruit. And when you enjoy the Certified Organic version, you’re skipping additives, so you can feel the peace of mind that you’re giving your body the real deal. Snack on them, chop ‘em up and add them to your morning oatmeal, tuck a baggie of them into the kids’ lunch box or celebrate them in a Mediterranean-inspired dinner such as a tagine, glazed chicken, or made into this month’s recipe for Fig, Almond and Ricotta Toasts.

This month, to celebrate the luscious beauty of Certified Organic Dried Black Figs, we’re offering a 25 percent off the purchase of any quantity of one-pound bags, and 10 percent  off our Dried Black Figs and our Dried White Figs. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the travails of these figgy forefathers in bringing this deep-colored beauty to us! And no long, hot journey needed.