Berry, Berry Good: Celebrating Nature’s Gems!

Small and jewel-like, who can resist Dried Berries to brighten a meal or snack? Our ruby-hued Dried Strawberries, Dried Cranberries and sapphire-colored Dried Blueberries make tasty and nutrition-packed additions to your diet.

Dried, sliced California Strawberries: Experts say they have anti-inflammatory qualities, help promote healthier cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and promote artery health (1). They’re a source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and folic acid and can be good for digestive health! And Cranberries: Lightly sweetened to ease the pucker, sources state they’re low in calories and can be beneficial for cardiovascular and urinary tract health (2). Did someone ask for Dried Blueberries? These “super foods” can help promote heart, bone, brain and skin health and help regulate blood pressure and are a source of vitamins C and K, too (3).

So now that you know how healthful these berries can be, how can you resist? Fire up that imagination and use ‘em in your favorite baked goodies, hot cereal, salads and more! Crack open that cookbook, try a new online recipe or just eat ‘em out of the bag and enjoy these gems from the vine any time!