Fire up the Oven: Your Holiday Baking Essentials Are Here!

When you think of holiday baking, we’ll bet you think about nuts and dried fruits. That’s great, ‘cause we have your holiday baking essentials right here! While there are too many to mention, we’re highlighting just a few of our faves here!

Holiday recipes calling for flour get healthier when you use our Almond Flour, which is tasty and has all the benefits of Almonds including being gluten-free, higher in protein and lower in sugar than wheat flour. Substitute it or combine it with wheat flour for extra goodness. Also, perfect for fruitcakes and more, our Natural Dried Muscat Raisins are plump and have delicate edible seeds. Want Currents? Our small and intensely-flavored Natural and Organic Dried Zante Currants are popular any time of the year. Fall and winter recipes shine when you add our Dried Cranberries, Organic Dried Cranberries and Natural Tart Cherries, which are lightly sweetened for optimal flavor. Our naturally-sweet Dried Cherries (no added sugar) are a treat in baked goods and more. And yes, nuts are a must in holiday baking. We make life easier for you by offering Sliced Almonds, Diced Roasted Almonds, Pecan Pieces and Walnut Pieces – just a few of our shelled and ready to enjoy nuts. We offer so many holiday-friendly fruits and nuts– visit our Dried Fruit and Nuts pages and order in time to make your holiday recipes sparkle!