In the kitchen: Peaches and Cream (Cheese)

Peaches and Cream (Cheese) Recipe

Lets get Peachy:

Make your summer peachy with this easy and versatile recipe for Peach Cream Cheese. This cream cheese makes the perfect recipe for a pool party or outdoor grilling. Learn to rehydrate dried fruit and try something new.

This recipe is so simple! Using only two ingredients, you can make peach cream cheese. All you need is 8oz. tub of cream cheese and to rehydrate 8oz. organic dried peaches from Bella Viva Orchards. With simple rehydration of the peaches and quick whirl in the blender, you’re on your way to serving up a dip or spread at your summer fiesta. It’s also a tasty topping for turkey sandwiches and burgers. Don’t stop at peaches, give any Bella Viva dried fruit a try.

Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Prep time: 10 minutes
Inactive cook time: 90 minutes

8oz. Tub of Cream Cheese
8oz. Organic Dried Peaches from Bella Viva Orchards
Pinch of Salt


Rehydrate peaches. To rehydrate any dried fruit, bring water to a boil. One cup of water per 4 oz. of dried fruit is a good starting point for water to fruit ratio. Place dried fruit in a small bowl and pour over boiling water just until covered. Let sit, and peaches absorb hot water. After about 90 minutes they will have incorporated their maximum amount of water. They will now be soft, pliable and ready to use. You may also keep them in water overnight covered in the refrigerator to use the next day.

Add rehydrated peaches to blender with about 4tbsp. soaking liquid. Reserve soaking liquid. This will help the peaches loosen in the blender as you pulse them. If you find they need a little more liquid, add as needed. You want a consistency thicker than jam.

Add cream cheese and a pinch of salt to blender with peaches. Blend until smooth.

To make the perfect summer appetizer, spread peach cream cheese over a crostini and top with chopped walnuts. Alternatively, you can serve as a dip with pretzels or crackers, spread on bagels for breakfast, fill a flour tortilla for a dessert quesadilla or spread on a delicious turkey sandwich. For an extra kick, add one chipotle pepper (from the can with adobo) to the blender. This makes a spicy Chipotle-Peach Cream Cheese spread that is delicious on burgers. Also, try adding 2tbsp. of apple cider vinegar for an extra tang.