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In the Kitchen: Peach Glazed Salmon with Almonds

Sweet, crunchy wholesomeness in every bite! Enjoy this recipe for Peach Glazed Salmon with Almonds featuring Bella Viva Orchards amazing Organic Dried Yellow Peach Slices and Raw Almonds. Add a nice green salad and cooked brown rice and you’ve nailed it at dinnertime!  Yields: 4 servings Prep time: 15 minutesCook time: 18 minutesTotal Time: 33 minutes Ingredients: For glaze:½ cup Bella Viva Orchards Certified Organic Peaches¾ cup water1 large garlic clove, minced¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (or more, if desired)1 teaspoon soy sauce½ teaspoon Dijon mustardJuice of ½ fresh lemon For Salmon:4 salmon fillets, skinless, about 6 to 8 ounces each1 cup Bella

April at Bella Viva Orchards: A Penchant for Organic Peaches!

You could say we’re proud of our Certified Organic Peaches. Like beaming parents would be proud of their talented, well-behaved child! With plenty of humility sprinkled in, we’d say our Certified Organic Peaches are deserving of that pride. And we trust that those of you who know them would agree wholeheartedly. So, what’s up with that pride, you may ask. Well, for starters, our Certified Organic Peaches are grown in an estate orchard that’s been in our family since 1987. Lots of love goes into feeding the land, nurturing our trees and perfecting our practices to bring you the biggest, sweetest and most aromatic

Peaches and Nectarines: Our Pride and Joy!

We love summertime here in the Central Valley! The long, warm days bring us sweet Peaches and Nectarines that are grown and harvested from our very own trees. We’re humbly proud of these beautiful bright gems that we dry in our own drying yard. These sweet and nutritious stone fruits are among our favorites and we’re sure you’ll love ‘em too!  Beyond being delicious, fuzzy-skinned Peaches and their smooth-skinned Nectarine cousins can help fend off cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic conditions. Compounds found in these fruits may help promote healthier cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and obesity-related illnesses. They’re sources of vitamins C and A,

In the Kitchen: Stuffed Peaches and Nectarines

This recipe featuring Bella Viva Orchards’ Dried Peaches and Nectarines crowned with chopped Pistachio Kernels makes a sweet and pretty treat. The taste of summer is in each bite! Yields: 12 treats Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 11 minutes (10 minutes for fruit, 1 minute for syrup) Total Time: About 1 hour Ingredients: 6 Bella Viva Orchards Dried Peaches (any variety, see note) 6 Bella Viva Orchards Dried Nectarines (any variety, see note) 1 cup water 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice ¼ cup white sugar 4 ounces mascarpone, room temperature ⅓ cup Bella Viva Orchards Pistachio Kernels Instructions: In a medium saucepan,

Petal to Plate: The Promise of Fruits and Nuts!

Here in the Central Valley the trees are alive with millions of blossoms, buzzy bees doing their pollinating jobs and the promise of an abundance of fruits and nuts on each branch. Springtime here means that California’s getting ready to produce a great array of fruits and nuts to be enjoyed throughout our country – and many parts of the world! The cycle of Petal to Plate is the result of a loving partnership between mankind and Mother Nature. You could say we need each other. About the Petals: ‘Round here the orchards are filled with trees in varying stages of bloom. Near February,

In the kitchen: Peaches and Cream (Cheese)

Lets get Peachy: Make your summer peachy with this easy and versatile recipe for Peach Cream Cheese. This cream cheese makes the perfect recipe for a pool party or outdoor grilling. Learn to rehydrate dried fruit and try something new. This recipe is so simple! Using only two ingredients, you can make peach cream cheese. All you need is 8oz. tub of cream cheese and to rehydrate 8oz. organic dried peaches from Bella Viva Orchards. With simple rehydration of the peaches and quick whirl in the blender, you’re on your way to serving up a dip or spread at your summer fiesta. It’s also

Peach Harvest: Feelin’ Like Summer

Peaches are in Season! At Bella Viva Orchards, the taste of summer shines through in our Dried Peaches. We sustainably grow our own peaches and pick them at the peak of the season when they’re bursting with naturally sweet peach flavor. When harvested, these peaches are some of the biggest, most flavorful and sweetest you’ll find! We dry them to perfection so you can enjoy their sweet and tangy goodness any time of the year. And the good news is that there are no added ingredients – they’re just beautiful, honest peaches. They’re the ultimate grab-and-go snack and are nice in recipes such as

Bees and Blossoms

Blossoms Bring Beauty to the Central Valley: California accounts for producing over two-thirds of the nation’s entire fruit and nut supply. Thousands of people travel to the Central Valley every year to see and take pictures of the spectacular sight of the fruit and nut trees in full bloom (01). In fact, there are hundreds of different varieties of produce grown throughout the Central Valley. Popular crops found here include almonds, nectarines, peaches, plums and pluots, cherries and apricots. Alongside each crop is a different type of blossom and not all bloom at the same time. Some of the blossoms might look similar to

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Oranges

Twin Girls Farm Located in the crop-thriving county of Tulare, California is a family farm that grows our delicious organic navel oranges. Ignacio (Nacho) and Casamira (Cassi) Sanchez, owners of Twin Girls Farm, understand how fortunate California is regarding citrus. The vibrant colors and sweet juiciness combined with the lovely aroma of oranges can bring life to an otherwise dreary winter day. This state has the right land and weather to grow perfect citrus and this family has quite the story to tell. Nacho’s father brought his family to California from Mexico when Nacho was just two years old. They worked hard for everything

End of a Family Era: Farmers Market

This past month of August sadly closed off an era for The Martino Family, owners of Bella Viva, that became near and dear to many hearts; we have ended our participation in farmers markets, which we started partaking in during the early 1960s. Since then, we would be able to be found almost every single Saturday morning up at the crack of dawn and ready to sell our greatest products to you so you would be able to delight in them. Two of these farmers markets that made a huge impact in our lives and our company were the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and