April at Bella Viva Orchards: A Penchant for Organic Peaches!

You could say we’re proud of our Certified Organic Peaches. Like beaming parents would be proud of their talented, well-behaved child! With plenty of humility sprinkled in, we’d say our Certified Organic Peaches are deserving of that pride. And we trust that those of you who know them would agree wholeheartedly.

So, what’s up with that pride, you may ask. Well, for starters, our Certified Organic Peaches are grown in an estate orchard that’s been in our family since 1987. Lots of love goes into feeding the land, nurturing our trees and perfecting our practices to bring you the biggest, sweetest and most aromatic Certified Organic Peaches you can imagine. Many people simply don’t believe our Organic Peaches truly are organic. They are. 100 percent! What helps our caring growing practices is our ideal California climate, our rich soil and pure water that flows from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We grow several varieties of Peaches but our largest planting is the Angelus variety. We grow our Angelus Peaches for their incredible flavor, sweetness, texture and deep golden flesh under a blushy peachy-red skin. It’s not a common commercial Peach, so chances are you won’t find them in your grocery store’s produce department. Lucky for you, thanks to Bella Viva Orchards’ drying methods, you can enjoy them year-round!

To get those Peaches so unbelievably large and perfect, we incorporate many special practices that our family has perfected over the generations. Right now, we’re letting the weeds grow like crazy in our Organic Peach orchards to create an inviting habitat for beneficial insects that go after aphids and spider mites that harm the fruit. Also this month, now that the bees have pollinated our Peach trees, our experienced harvest specialists are out removing up to 90 percent of the little fruitlets from the trees using a time-consuming and costly process referred to as thinning. It may not seem to make sense to remove so many fruits from the trees, but the resulting harvest leads to larger, incredibly sweet and more flavorful fruits. This painstaking process is part of what makes these Peaches so worthy of our pride.

Right now, our mouths are watering as we think of the many ways to enjoy our Certified Organic Peaches. You know it’s easy – and recommended – just to tear into a bag and enjoy them au naturel, but you could celebrate their amazingness with any meal. Want to try something different? Check out this month’s recipe for Peach Glazed Salmon with Almonds. This is a good time to stock up on our Peaches, ‘cause they’re April’s web special. That’s right, when you buy two or more one-pound bags of our Certified Organic Dried Yellow Peach Slices this month, you’ll get 25 percent off (that’s $12.36 per bag)! But don’t stop there. This month, we’re also offering 10 percent off when you buy any of our other Peach products or any quantity of our Raw Almonds, since you’re getting in your kitchen to make this month’s recipe.

Be healthfully hungry. Be proud. And be a fan of our Certified Organic Peaches, friends!