Petal to Plate: The Promise of Fruits and Nuts!

Here in the Central Valley the trees are alive with millions of blossoms, buzzy bees doing their pollinating jobs and the promise of an abundance of fruits and nuts on each branch. Springtime here means that California’s getting ready to produce a great array of fruits and nuts to be enjoyed throughout our country – and many parts of the world! The cycle of Petal to Plate is the result of a loving partnership between mankind and Mother Nature. You could say we need each other.

About the Petals: ‘Round here the orchards are filled with trees in varying stages of bloom. Near February, Almonds and Apricots are among the early starters, showing off white-pink-tinged flowers. Then around mid-March, you’ll see Plums and Pluots with white to deep magenta-red flowers. From then ‘til late-March Peaches and Nectarines start pushing out their pink-hued blossoms. And around that time Cherries start to show off their light to dark pink flowers.

And the Plate: Fruits and nuts are striking on the plate from first bloom to full ripeness. But we just love it when they grow to optimal ripeness, ‘cause harvesting and drying these beauties is where we come in – it’s what we do!

These timelines are all good to note ‘cause coming to the Valley to check out the flowering orchards makes for a great outing! You can’t help but see ‘em – no matter what mode of transportation you choose. While you’re here, stop by our country store and stock up on your favorites. And be sure to take plenty of pix!