Prunes: Did you know?

Prunes - Bella Viva Orchards

Health Facts:

Perhaps those who have overeaten them is what has given prunes a false bad reputation. However, if you push that prejudgment aside, you might be surprised to find out they’re actually super yummy and good for you. Plump and tender, prunes are a good source of terrific nutrients including calcium and Vitamin C. Furthermore, each serving carries 12 percent daily value of fiber which acts as a great digestive agent and a whopping 17 percent daily value of Vitamin A. That’s just a small number of the healthy nutrients prunes hold.

Yet one of the most absolutely amazing health facts the prune holds is that it’s jam-packed with a huge number of antioxidants. In fact, many studies have shown the prune ranks very high on the list of amount of antioxidants in terms of density (01) (02) (03). Not only that, but prunes offer a great value which isn’t always the case of some of its more popular antioxidant competitors. Currently a whole one pound bag of Bella Viva Dried Pitted Prunes is just $5.99! That’s only around $0.55 per serving, making this superfood affordable for most who want a great, flavorful snack while simultaneously being health-cautious. So, make certain to get your hands on a bag today!

Growing Prunes – Fun Facts:

  • Three pounds of fresh plums make just one pound of dried prunes (04).
  • The plum harvest usually lasts around 30 days (05).
  • It can take three to six years for a plum tree to start bearing fruit (06).
  • Most plum trees require cross-pollination (07).
  • About 95 percent of domestic, fresh plums are grown right here in California (08).