Perfect for Gifting and Snacking: NEW Candied Nuts

Rejoice! Our NEW collection of candied nuts is ready for Valentine’s Day giving and your snacking delight! Try our new lightly sweet Cocoa Roasted Almonds which are toasted and tumbled in a fine cocoa coating with a hint of sugar. You’ll love our new Orange Crème Almonds with a soft and sweet orange yogurt coating on lightly-toasted Almonds. For java fans, our Chocolate Mocha Dusted Almonds are the ticket! Lightly toasted and coated in a layer of milk chocolate, they’re tumbled in a sweetened blend of cocoa and coffee. And our new Maple Toffee Almonds are perfect as a snack or dessert topping, like vanilla ice cream! All of our Almonds are locally-grown, GMO-free and gluten-free and pack lots of nutritional goodness!

Another lightly sweet new treat – our Candied Walnuts consist of California Walnut halves and large pieces tumbled in a delicate cinnamon-spiced coating and toasted. Inside are our GMO-free, nutritious Walnuts. Add them to a green salad or enjoy ‘em right out of the bag!

All of our new Candied Nuts are great for gifting, but be sure to keep some for yourself for anytime enjoyment!