Passion for Persimmons: A Fall Fave!

The cool and crisp autumn days in the Central Valley call for cozy sweaters, knit hats, a roaring fire…and our phenomenal Dried Persimmons, of course! We and our trusted neighbor grow these deep orange-hued fruits and harvest them at their peak of delicious sweetness from September through October. You’d think they had made a stop by your pantry because of their earthy sweet flavor, but they’re just good, honest Persimmons!

Besides tasting oh-so-good, our Hachiya Persimmons are proud to offer some nice health benefits. They’re a source of dietary fiber, making them a weight-watcher’s friend. Oh, and your digestive system will also appreciate them (wink wink). They also contain potassium and a bit of vitamin A and magnesium. Experts tell us that Persimmons have antioxidant qualities, which are linked to fending off heart disease, diabetes, cancer and neurological diseases (1). These fruits may also be linked to the reduction of inflammation and healthier vision, too!

Snackable right out of the bag, they make a nutritious addition to your healthy diet, including this month’s recipe for Bella Viva Orchards Persimmon Walnut Crisp! But don’t stop there! Tuck ‘em into the kids’ lunchboxes or keep some on hand for your own midday noshing. So throw another log on the fire and celebrate autumn with passion for our Persimmons!