Persimmons – November 2015


Bella Viva Dried Persimmons:

This time of year always brings joy and excitement to all of us at Bella Viva. ‘Tis the season to give thanks, spend time with friends and family, eat great food and send gifts to your loved ones. We’ve been working diligently to provide a variety of delectable gift baskets, trays and crates; available just in time for the holiday season. We take great pride in our beautiful, bountiful and nutritious gift offerings. If you are looking for a jolly old time, come down December 5th for the Hughson Christmas Festival. During the parade and Santa’s tree lighting, we will be welcoming our customers for an open house at the Bella Viva Store; to enjoy complimentary coffee, hot apple cider and free samples of our 2015 harvest. There will also be a 15% off sale on everything you can carry out the door. This is the perfect opportunity to finish your Christmas shopping early!

Dried Persimmons Are Back On The Shelves!

At Bella Viva Orchards, the persimmon harvest is well underway and our natural Hachiya persimmons are back on the shelves! This cone shaped variety is most widely grown in China, the fruits native land. They are so tasty, our entire 2014 crop was sold out by July of this year. Although we are glad to have them back, we hope our customers have also been enjoying our new natural and organic dried Fuyu persimmons. This small and flat, yet flavor packed persimmon, is the most widely grown variety in Japan, the fruit’s native land.

Recipe Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who took part in the Bella Viva Recipe Contest! We had a wonderful time judging these unique creations that use our Bella Viva dried fruit and nuts. We are delighted our customers find creative ways to utilize our tasty treats in the kitchen and hope you get to enjoy these wonderful experiences with family and friends. First place goes to Nerine A. for her delicious Blueberry Yogurt Muffins incorporating Bella Viva Unsweetened Dried Blueberries. In second place, Debra D., has created an amazing Sweet’n Salty Fig bar recipe using our Dried Figs, with the ability to substitute for other yummy dried fruits. Third place was so close, we’ve decided on a tie! With her tasty Harvest Cranberry (Walnut & Golden Raisin) Apple Pie, Janeen T., has created a very tasty apple pie recipe using a variety of our Dried Fruit and Nuts. Last but certainly not least, Gail H., has created a unique Apricot Habanero Jam using Bella Viva Dried Apricots! We appreciate all the submissions and look forward to more recipe contests in the future.

Matthew Muller
Bella Viva Copywriter

Thanks for choosing Bella Viva Orchards!