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Persimmons – November 2015

Bella Viva Dried Persimmons: This time of year always brings joy and excitement to all of us at Bella Viva. ‘Tis the season to give thanks, spend time with friends and family, eat great food and send gifts to your loved ones. We’ve been working diligently to provide a variety of delectable gift baskets, trays and crates; available just in time for the holiday season. We take great pride in our beautiful, bountiful and nutritious gift offerings. If you are looking for a jolly old time, come down December 5th for the Hughson Christmas Festival. During the parade and Santa’s tree lighting, we will

Backyard Orchard – February 2015

Planting Bare Root Trees – Your Backyard Orchard The bounty of the harvest all begins with the preparation and planting of our orchards. Although our Bella Viva orchards are filled with hundreds of trees, consisting of many different varieties, it doesn’t take a lot of space to create your own “Backyard Orchard.” The best time of the year to plant your bare root fruit trees is during the winter months when they are dormant; before their buds swell and the rainy season saturates the ground. First, you will need to find an area in your yard that receives six or more hours of full