Apple of Your Eye: Sweet, Tart Autumness!

As the leaves turn color and fall from the trees and the days grow cooler and shorter, it becomes the perfect time for apples. Dried Apples, that is! These chewy guys want to jump into your desk, your kids’ lunch bags and into your kitchen. And the doctor would approve!

Naturally fat-free, gluten-free and GMO-free, Dried Apples are high in vitamin C and contain dietary fiber, vitamin B-6 and a bit of potassium and magnesium. Experts tell us that Apples can help promote weight management, bone health, digestive function and pulmonary function. The same sources state that Apples can help stave off asthma and some forms of cognitive impairment, too (1)! Wholesome, yes. Satisfying, double yes! Yummy, triple yes!

Whether you use ‘em for baking, for snacking or for savory fall dishes, chances are good we’ve got what you want! Try Bella Viva Orchards’ amazing Dried Apples in this month’s recipe for Baked Apple Hand Pies, chuck a handful in the blender next time you make a smoothie, bake some into muffins, put them in a hot winter beverage, use them in your holiday dressing or add them to a green salad with our Dried Cranberries and some apple pie spice for a new fall favorite. So many ways to use ‘em! Check out our selection of Dried Apple Rings, Skinless Dried Apple Slices and Natural Diced Tart Apples to find the ones that need to be in your pantry and in your belly!