August at Bella Viva Orchards: New Crop of Apricots!

Every morning this summer, our Certified Organic Apricots woke up to the gentle, warm Central California sun then soaked up every drop of that sunshine as the days grew warmer – and sometimes downright hotter! It’s what happens around here. Our ‘cots love it! And we love them right back! We just can’t stop talking about ‘em so please indulge us while we tempt you!

Our Certified Organic California Apricots are grown in our own organic orchard that’s been lovingly cared for over the years to produce big, beautiful, sweet organic fruit. Organic purists will tell you how good these bronzy-Apricot-hued fruits are. We think you’ll find that they’re pleasantly different than the sulfured Turkish variety that you’ve seen in the supermarket all your life. They’re darker and pleasantly chewy and offer up a light Apricoty sweetness. And when you put them side-by-side with the Turkish variety you’ll notice their shape is different. This, Apricot adorers, is the Patterson variety. It’s a widely-grown variety in our region, but it’s  how we grow them that we think makes them the best around!

We believe our cultural practices set all of our Apricots, including our Certified Organic California Apricots, aside from the rest. We’ve described our pruning and thinning methods before. In springtime, when the first little fruitlets develop on the trees, our specialists hit the orchards and remove up to 80 percent of the young fruits by hand, so the fruit that remains can grow larger and sweeter. We also hand-harvest our Certified Organic California Apricots and personally pack them in crates, which are gently transported to our drying yards. Just give them a try and see for yourself.

This season was excellent for our Certified Organic California Apricots and we had a really nice yield, so we decided to spread the joy by offering you a generous and rare 50 percent off this month. We know. You’re welcome! Hope you didn’t have to get out the smelling salts! A plus for you? There’s no minimum purchase! If you want to dig in to any of our other Apricot products, you’ll be glad you’re reading this newsletter, ‘cause this month you’ll enjoy 10 percent off all the rest of our Apricot products (with the exception of our Chocolate Covered Apricots) –   We say now’s a great time to let yourself appreciate the beauty our Certified Organic California Apricots through new eyes. Be healthy, eat well and enjoy the savings, everyone!