Blueberries: A Good Case of Summertime Blues!

Mother Nature was on her game when she created California Blueberries! Grown in nearby fields and dried in Bella Viva Orchards drying yards, these fruits screaming summertime are ready to enjoy now! Sweet, a little tangy and dark sapphire-colored, these little guys are dietary superheroes! They’re a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which means they are beneficial to cardiovascular health, digestive health, immune function and some studies suggest antioxidants may even help prevent certain cancers (2). Now how can something so powerful to your health be so sweet and easy to enjoy?

Take ‘em at face value and eat some right out of the bag. Try them in this month’s recipe for Lemon Yogurt Blueberry Bread. Add a handful to a green salad. Add ‘em to chicken salad with our Pecans or toss some into your next batch of coleslaw. Bake with ‘em, use them on your granola or in trail mix. Get sweet or go savory – they’re versatile and packed with flavor and goodness. Go ahead, think outside the bag and use ‘em in recipes calling for raisins (not to dis our beloved Raisins, of course)! Happy Blueberry-eatin’ to you!