Dried Citrus: Nature’s Wintery Jewels

Right now in California, the trees are loaded with dazzling Oranges and Lemons – zippy fruits that bring happy colors, flavors, aromas and nutrition to cold winter days. And now’s the time to enjoy them in their dried form – rind and all!

Our Dried Orange Slices, Organic Dried Orange Slices, Dried Lemon Slices and Organic Dried Lemon Slices are GMO-free, fat-free and are a source of dietary fiber, potassium, calcium and are packed with vitamin C. They’re touted to be great for your immune system, heart, blood sugar, digestive system, skin (1) and so much more!

Simmer Dried Lemon or Orange Powder with water and sugar to make a glaze for baked goodies or add some to soups and stews for a pop of flavor. Try adding roughly chopped Dried Orange Slices or Lemon Slices to cookies, cakes or muffins. Sliced? Yes! Add some to your tea, toss a few slices into a pot of simmering water with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a bay leaf for uplifting winter home fragrance, use as a garnish on a winter main dish – or eat them just as they are! Any way you enjoy them you’ll add sunshine and goodness to your day.