It’s Baking Time: You’ve Got This!

Sweater weather is here and that means it’s time to fire up the oven and get baking, as if any of us need an excuse, right? Think about aromas of fruity and nutty-good baked treats wafting through the air from your kitchen. Getting hungry? We thought so!

Whether you’re baking for the holidays or for everyday bliss, you’re in the right place to score from our great selection of diced fruits, nut pieces and plant-based flours and powders, all offering you convenience and good nutrition in every bite.

Perfect for cookies, muffins and cakes, our diced fruits and nuts are winners! Think about mixing and matching to make your own customized recipe! But don’t stop there, crack open an old pioneer cookbook or search the web and spark your imagination.

Whether you’re a baking fanatic or a health nut (pun intended!), you’ll love incorporating our Almond Meal, Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour and Dried Lemon and Orange powders into your favorite recipes for something different and healthy. Want some ideas on using these plant-based flours or dried citrus powders? Check out our Recipe section.

For that final touch, crown your masterpieces with our Candied Walnuts or Candied Pecans. Then wrap ‘em up and give them to worthy recipients. Or sneak some away for your own enjoyment. We won’t tell!