It’s Springtime: And It’s National Pecan Month!

It’s National Pecan Month and time to bring sweet and nutty Pecans into your Spring diet! Often a default filler for winter pies, we’re thrilled to celebrate them when the weather’s nice, too.

Bella Viva Orchards’ Shelled Pecans, Organic Shelled Pecans and new Pecan Pieces are perfect additions to a health-conscious diet as much as a baker’s dream pantry. Whatever your dietary style is, get out those Pecans and eat!

Pecans are rich in antioxidants, long-touted as good for the heart and cholesterol regulation. They’re also a source of vitamin E, thiamin, zinc, manganese and copper – nutrients that help regulate blood sugar and promote healthier skin and bones(2). Yep, they’re healthful – but they’re just plain tasty to eat!

Think about gracing a spinach salad with Pecans, rolling chicken breasts in Chopped Pecans for an innovative entrée or using them in this month’s Carrot Cupcakes recipe! Or add them to sautéed carrots for a perfect Spring veggie side. Breakfast? Of course! Sweet or savory, indulgent or healthful, the possibilities are endless. Get out your party horns and salute the noble Pecan!