Recipe Contest – October 2015

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The Holidays Are Almost Here!

At Bella Viva, we can already smell the holidays approaching quickly. Lately, our family has been enjoying the aroma of fresh baked goods, using Bella Viva dried fruit as a secret ingredient. We hope your home is also filled with baking, love and cheerfulness during this special season. We invite you to share some holiday joy with our lovely gift baskets, holiday trays and specialty chocolates. But for us, that holiday cheer also comes in the form of baked goods. From scones to muffins, and even fruitcake, our dried fruit and nuts add a bit of “wow” to your favorite dish. For an extra boost in flavor, try adding some of our delicious diced fruit to your baked goods! We’ve diced some of our most tasty dried fruit including: Dapple Dandy pluots, California apricots, Betty Anne plums, pears, peaches and nectarines. We hope you find a creative way to enjoy our dried fruit and nuts in your family recipes.

Recipe Contest Time!

Do you have a great recipe that uses Bella Viva Dried Fruit or Nuts? We’d love for you to send it to us (, along with a picture, as a submission in our Recipe Contest. First, second and third place winners will receive Bella Viva gift cards: $250, $150 and $75 respectively. Your recipes may also be featured on our new Bella Viva Blog. We ask that you do not include copyrighted material; this includes photos and text. So please take your own photos and write original cooking instructions. We will also need a web link if the recipe comes from the Internet. The deadline for submissions is October 25th, 2015. The winners will be announced in November.

When judging your recipe, we will consider several factors: taste, presentation and creativity. When we taste your creation we will be determining if it accentuates a Bella Viva product. We must be able to taste and recognize our dried fruit or nuts. In addition, we will be looking for a unique flavor profile or an exquisite mix of flavors. Presentation is also important as we hope the appearance alone will make our mouths water. Lastly, we will consider how creative the submission is. As such, an original recipe would be considered particularly creative. If there is a special family story related to the recipe it will also add creativity points to your submission.

Matthew Muller
Bella Viva Copywriter

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