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Dried Citrus: Nature’s Wintery Jewels

Right now in California, the trees are loaded with dazzling Oranges and Lemons – zippy fruits that bring happy colors, flavors, aromas and nutrition to cold winter days. And now’s the time to enjoy them in their dried form – rind and all! Our Dried Orange Slices, Organic Dried Orange Slices, Dried Lemon Slices and Organic Dried Lemon Slices are GMO-free, fat-free and are a source of dietary fiber, potassium, calcium and are packed with vitamin C. They’re touted to be great for your immune system, heart, blood sugar, digestive system, skin (1) and so much more! Simmer Dried Lemon or Orange Powder with

In the Kitchen: Cherry Scones

Easy to Make Cherry Scones: These fast and easy cherry scones are a flavor-packed and healthy way to enjoy Bella Viva Orchards’ sweet and plump Dried Cherries, our tasty Almond Flour and Sliced California Almonds. They have just the right amount of sweetness and flakiness and make a beautiful addition to your weekend brunch. They also make a nice weekday breakfast treat. Total Time: 25-30 minutes Yields: 10 Scones Prep Time: 10 Cook Time: 15-20 min. Ingredients: 2 cups packed down Bella Viva Orchards Almond Flour 1 heaping Tbs baking powder ½ tsp finely ground sea salt ¾ c to 1 cup sugar (to

A Brief History of Dried Fruit

Where It All Began: If you’re like a lot of people, you enjoy snacking on dried fruit. Have you ever stopped to think about how the idea of drying came about? Drying fruit has been around for centuries and is the process of extracting most of the original water content from the fruit. When fresh food was tougher to come by, having dried fruit on hand stood in place of fresh fruit in our diets. The main idea of drying fruit was to help preserve it; dried fruit lasts a lot longer than fresh fruit and is a lot easier to keep on hand.

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Oranges

Twin Girls Farm Located in the crop-thriving county of Tulare, California is a family farm that grows our delicious organic navel oranges. Ignacio (Nacho) and Casamira (Cassi) Sanchez, owners of Twin Girls Farm, understand how fortunate California is regarding citrus. The vibrant colors and sweet juiciness combined with the lovely aroma of oranges can bring life to an otherwise dreary winter day. This state has the right land and weather to grow perfect citrus and this family has quite the story to tell. Nacho’s father brought his family to California from Mexico when Nacho was just two years old. They worked hard for everything

Citrus: Did you know?

Health Facts: California citrus has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy bursts of flavors that hit our taste buds and refresh our bodies. Not only do oranges taste delicious and smell amazing, they’re incredibly healthy for us as well. According to multiple studies, like most citrus, both lemons and oranges are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for many reasons including acting as an antioxidant, producing collagen and healing wounds (01). It may also strengthen our immune system—which is ironic because the California citrus season seems to come into play as the common cold season seems to arrive (02). Lack of

Stone Fruit – April 2016

Stone Fruits & Thinning: At Bella Viva we have the best stone fruit around! This doesn’t happen by accident. Our team diligently cares for the trees all year, from soil and leaf testing to fertilizing and amending and finally pruning and thinning. Currently we are hard at work thinning the trees that will soon bare delicious stone fruit. This process ensures the maximum flavor, sweetness and size of each and every fruit left on the tree. Our passion for quality also means waiting for our apricots, plums, peaches and nectarines to reach their peak, prior to harvest. Last but certainly not least, proprietary drying

Oranges – March 2016

Beautiful California Oranges: March is the most beautiful time of year in the Bella Viva Orchards. Almonds, cherries, apricots, plums and many other fruit trees are in full bloom. But, right now the new orange crop is in and it is as sweet as ever! Throughout the grove branches are weighed down by these juicy glowing gems. Recently, the air around the dehydrators has been thick with the fragrance of ripe oranges. Our proprietary drying method preserves that fresh flavor and aroma perfectly so you can enjoy these dried oranges year round. Come on down to the store or order online and enjoy the

Cranberry Orange Pockets

Description This delicious recipe was submitted for our November 2011 Online Bake Off by Lele Hicks. We were so overwhelmed by the pockets’ crunchy outside and juicy sweet inside that we awarded this recipe first place. Thanks Lele! The beauty with all of our baking recipes is that you can get creative and sample other Bella Viva Dried Fruit in different batches. Ingredients: Dough: -1/2 cup butter, softened -1 cup granulated sugar -1/2 t baking powder -1/4 baking soda -1/4 t ground nutmeg -Dash salt -1/2 cup sour cream -1 egg -2 t finely shredded orange peel from Bella Viva dried oranges -1/2 t

Oranges – March 2015

Oranges – The Sweet Taste of California Citrus! Greetings from Hughson, California! We are currently harvesting and drying our Natural and Organic Dried Orange Slices at our facility in Denair, CA. Due to customer demand, the fruit from our trees is not enough to keep these tasty treats on our shelves! To acquire more fresh oranges, we have partnered with a local grower in Porterville who shares our values and passion for sustainable farming. Order online or come by our store and enjoy the good life. Have you ever tried a dried orange slice? At Bella Viva we love them! The beauty of it is you