Curvy Cashews: Go Nuts Over ‘Em!

Lightly crunchy, slightly sweet and cutely curvy, it’s always the right time to enjoy versatile and good-for-you Cashews! Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created this nut that tastes great and gifts your body with vitamins, minerals and other super nutrients!

Cashews are a source of healthy fats, protein, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamins B and C and folate. Experts suggest that the fatty acids in cashews can help promote healthier cholesterol levels and may decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease (2). They’re also touted to be beneficial for bone and gallbladder health. And if you’re a weight watcher, they’re a good choice when consumed in moderation ‘cause they help keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Okay, so you know that they’re a healthy and yummy addition to your diet and you know that they’re feastable just as they are. Add them to your next stirfry, make them into a coating for baked fish, toss ‘em in the food processor and make cashew butter (oh yum!) or use some in your next batch of trail mix. Sports enthusiasts rejoice! They’re better than processed snacks, so put out a bowl of these nuts when the gang comes over to watch a game or tuck some into your gym bag for a post workout boost. Feel good, go nuts and enjoy curvy Cashews!