Pistachios: Lean and Green!

If your mother always told you to eat your greens, good for her. Moms are known to give really good advice! If she made sure Pistachios were included on that list of green things to eat, we say she should get extra points. As for YOU, you’d get extra double quadruple points if you have heeded her advice throughout your life, including keeping Pistachios in your regular diet. Think about it: Pistachios are super nutritious. They’re easy to incorporate into just about any meal or recipe. They’re addictively tasty and crunchy. They’re naturally green and just plain fun to eat!

Pistachios have been grown in the Middle East for thousands of years. Archeologists unearthed evidence that they were consumed by humans in present-day Iran and Afghanistan for thousands of years. Like the sixth millennium BC. They’re so ancient that they were said to have been among the trees planted in the Gardens of Babylon! The Romans were so smitten by them that they brought them to Europe in the first century AD. From there made their way across southern Europe and northern Africa. In the 19th century, Pistachios were cultivated commercially in California, New Mexico and Australia. Good thing for all of us! Today, the United States is second only to Iran in global production of this treasured nut. What’s more, about 99 percent of pistachios produced in the United States come from California. Yay, California! If you’re into fact checking, just click here or here to verify this info and learn more. Much more!

Most of us know Pistachios as nuts, but they are actually seeds!  Yes, we do care, but for everyone’s convenience they’re pretty much referred to as nuts. If you’re curious and want a quick read on Pistachios as seeds versus nuts, just click here or do your own online search.

So earlier, we mentioned that Pistachios are super nutritious. You probably already knew that, though it’s easy to imagine diving into bowls of them when you and your friends gather to watch your favorite sports on TV. We agree that they are highly snackable. We’re happy to find that many scientific experts tout their health benefits, though. After reading articles such as this one, it gives us all even more reasons to say YES to Pistachios.

And we say YES! They’re so good and so versatile that we think it’s a good idea to keep a bag or two in your pantry and more in your freezer to toss onto salads, pour into bowls when company comes over, tuck into the kids’ lunch bags and keep a stash for yourself when you’re on the go and need a quick zap of healthful energy! We want you to heed your mom’s advice, yes, but we think you’d be smart to heed our advice to pick some up now, ‘cause they’re this month’s web special. Now through the end of this month, you’ll get 25 percent off your purchase of any quantity of our Roasted Salted Pistachios. That pencils out to be just $8.99 per one-pound bag. So eat a handful of Bella Viva Orchards’ Pistachios, eat your green veggies and call your mother. Better yet, send her a bag or two of our Pistachios to show your love!