Farmer Spotlight: Organic Oranges

Twin Girls Farm Located in the crop-thriving county of Tulare, California is a family farm that grows our delicious organic navel oranges. Ignacio (Nacho) and Casamira (Cassi) Sanchez, owners of Twin Girls Farm, understand how fortunate California is regarding citrus. The vibrant colors and sweet juiciness combined with the lovely aroma of oranges can bring life to an otherwise dreary winter day. This state has the right land and weather to grow perfect citrus and this family has quite the story to tell. Nacho’s father brought his family to California from Mexico when Nacho was just two years old. They worked hard for everything

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Persimmons

Inzana Ranch: If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see persimmons at their peak harvest season, you know just how incredibly stunning they look! Their bright reddish, orange contrast against the cold, winter skies leaves nothing to be desired. Add the sweet, custard-like taste of the flesh and chances are you’ll be hooked. However, knowing when to harvest persimmons is not an easy task. The picking must be right on point to ensure the best flavor with the lowest tannin level. Bella Viva Orchards’ organic persimmon providers are proof our persimmons don’t fall far from the tree before they hit our shelves. In fact,

Farmer Spotlight: Bella Viva Walnuts

As the weather starts to cool off and the days become shorter, the walnut harvesting season starts to wrap up as well. The season usually begins in early October and lasts a few weeks. This time is extremely vital for the farmers and landowners to get all the harvesting finished in order to ensure great productivity. And boy does our spotlight this month really know what he’s doing! Bella Viva Orchards walnut farmer and provider is Bruce Beard from Modesto, CA who’s not second, not third but a fifth generation nut tree farmer! Yes, you read that correctly – fifth generation. In fact, Bruce’s

Farmer Spotlight: California Prunes

As Autumn approaches, so does plum harvesting season and, for Bella Viva, pleasing plums mean pleasant prunes. The season only lasts around 30 days total and it’s vital to get the fruit picked before they over-ripen and start falling on the ground – especially before fall and winter rains – yet still right when they’re ripe enough. This year’s harvest season is right on target! Every step to ensure the plums are cared for thoroughly and to their full potential takes ultimate dedication. Bella Viva makes certain we know our farmers, and who’s more passionate about Bella Viva than owner Victor Martino himself! That’s

Farmer Spotlight: Organic Almonds

August and September are extremely busy harvesting months for almond crops. As a result, our growers easily find themselves with little time on their hands outside the orchards. Bella Viva makes a point to build firsthand relationships with our passionate farmers. This way you can rest assured the product you’re receiving has been loved since day one. One of our partnering almond farmers, who is also the nephew of Bella Viva owners Victor and Angela Martino, can be found in Oakdale, CA – one of the many valley towns where the almond trees flourish thanks to an ideal habitat. He’s Henry Colombo and he’s

End of a Family Era: Farmers Market

This past month of August sadly closed off an era for The Martino Family, owners of Bella Viva, that became near and dear to many hearts; we have ended our participation in farmers markets, which we started partaking in during the early 1960s. Since then, we would be able to be found almost every single Saturday morning up at the crack of dawn and ready to sell our greatest products to you so you would be able to delight in them. Two of these farmers markets that made a huge impact in our lives and our company were the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and

Join the Wiser Misers: Caring for our Treasured Water

We talk about water a lot here in the Central Valley. All residents here are consumers and it’s on all of our minds. If you’re a Californian, you may talk about it with your neighbors as you’re watering your front yard, unless you’ve swapped out your water-loving yard for drought-resistant landscaping. You may be altering how you carry out your household tasks to reduce water consumption. Thank you. Maybe you’ve decided not to wash your car until Mother Nature does so. Yikes. Whatever you’re doing, chances are you’ve adjusted your daily lifestyle at least to some degree to be a better steward of this

Raw Almonds: Adorable and Ancient

Almonds. They’re important globally and locally, but we’d like you to feel their importance in your own life. Check out a mini history lesson and get the scoop on this month’s web specials.

Apples, Sweet Apples: A Local Love Story

When you think about fruits that are grown in the Central Valley, you’re probably imagining Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Grapes, Apples and…! Wait, what the? Apples? Yes, you read it correctly. It’s a little-known fact that some of the most delicious Apples are grown around the California Delta and Linden areas. That’s literally right up the road from us! Because it’s not a crop that takes up the same kind of area that Almonds do, it may not occur to you that many varieties of Apple thrive in this area. We’re talking about varieties such as juicy Fujis, Granny Smiths and Galas. They just