It’s Baking Time: You’ve Got This!

Sweater weather is here and that means it’s time to fire up the oven and get baking, as if any of us need an excuse, right? Think about aromas of fruity and nutty-good baked treats wafting through the air from your kitchen. Getting hungry? We thought so! Whether you’re baking for the holidays or for

Apple of Your Eye: Sweet, Tart Autumness!

As the leaves turn color and fall from the trees and the days grow cooler and shorter, it becomes the perfect time for apples. Dried Apples, that is! These chewy guys want to jump into your desk, your kids’ lunch bags and into your kitchen. And the doctor would approve! Naturally fat-free, gluten-free and GMO-free,

Behold: The Courageous Cranberry!

Brilliant red, sweet and tart. That’s the courageous Cranberry! These beautiful berries, sweetened just enough to round out that puckerfulness, are screaming to be part of your healthy diet. They want you to think of them when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, snacktime and dinner. They especially want you to think of them now that

Peerless Pears: A Summer Swan Song!

Think of sweet summer days growing shorter as fall arrives. We hope when you do, thoughts of sweet and shapely Pears come to mind, ‘cause now’s the time to enjoy these golden fruits that we harvest at the end of summer. Pears can be simple or fancy, enjoyed as is or used in your favorite

A Penchant for Prunes: Fall Beauties Are Ready!

We can’t help but boast a bit: Our Prunes are spectacular. We grow, harvest and dry them ourselves right here at Bella Viva Orchards. Now, if your grandmother made you eat Prunes as a kid, maybe it’s time to rethink them. They are worthy, for sure! You can incorporate Prunes into your diet any time

Awesome Almonds: Nut Nirvana Is Here!

In Central California, it’s Almond harvest time. All around us, branches on the trees are heavily weighed down in the best of ways. It means that goodness it on its way! And goodness in oh so many ways! Almonds offer a lot to snackmeisters and super-athletes alike. Beyond their irresistible fun crunchy noshability, they rock

In the Kitchen: Savory Prune Chicken

This flavor-packed dinner entrée features Bella Viva Orchards’ Dried Prunes made savory with briny capers, green olives, fresh garden herbs and earthy bay leaves. Your family and friends will love this dish. We’re sure it’ll make them feel indulged. Yields: 4 servings Prep Time: 15 minutesMarinate Time: 8 to 24 hoursCook Time: about 30 minutesTotal

Pineapple: Aloha in Every Bite!

Grab your ukulele, turn up the Don Ho music and transport yourself to the tropics with Bella Viva Orchards’ sweet Pineapple. These golden treats make a great anytime snack or a sunny addition to your breakfast, dessert and even dinner repertoire. Pineapple is a source of dietary fiber, potassium, iron and calcium. And as with

Peaches and Nectarines: Our Pride and Joy!

We love summertime here in the Central Valley! The long, warm days bring us sweet Peaches and Nectarines that are grown and harvested from our very own trees. We’re humbly proud of these beautiful bright gems that we dry in our own drying yard. These sweet and nutritious stone fruits are among our favorites and

In the Kitchen: Stuffed Peaches and Nectarines

This recipe featuring Bella Viva Orchards’ Dried Peaches and Nectarines crowned with chopped Pistachio Kernels makes a sweet and pretty treat. The taste of summer is in each bite! Yields: 12 treats Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 11 minutes (10 minutes for fruit, 1 minute for syrup) Total Time: About 1 hour Ingredients: 6